Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This is how our weekend started. We got there after dinner time... 6 hungry kids... 1 tiny flame.
Don't worry, it did get better after that.
The kids had so much fun. They thought we were roughing it because we slept in tents. Nevermind the blow-up mattress, the fully functioning bathroom within 100 yards and coke machine glowing on our plot. Oh ya, we were like Survivor :)

We did several fun "campy" things. We went to the nearby spring and went on a nature walk.
These are the ones I said yes to. See all the sticks on the ground? He wanted ALL of those too. What a boy :)We turned pancakes and eggs with a paper plate... Oh, wait, that's not "campy"? Right, just stupid. Yes, we forgot the spatula and had to make due. Not to worry, the plate flipper worked out just fine. Like I said... Survivor.Everyone enjoying their freshly flipped pancakes and eggs :)We made S'Mores. You can't camp without S'Mores, can you ?And we lit the Hanukkah Candle. Yes, it was the first night of Hanukkah. No, we are not Jewish. Yes, we think the celebration and the meaning behind it are just that cool.And like I showed in the first picture, we cooked hotdogs over the fire. That was certainly an adventure.All in all, we had a good time and the kids loved every minute. We are looking forward to heading back out into the "Wilderness" again soon.

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