Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

On Saturday, we busted out the egg dying adventure! This year, we used different color crayons to color before throwing the egg in dye. It worked really well and there were some pretty cool designs.

Morgan and Avery (all of Avery's eggs were different emojis; Morgan's were designs and Humpty Dumpty) 

Troy was very unsure of the egg dying process at the beginning. His first 2 eggs went promptly thrown to the ground.

These 2 are weirdos 

He finally realized this could be fun :)

He asked for a bite of his eggs the entire time we were dying them. So, by the end, he ate one of those "floor eggs" from earlier on.

Easter Sunday

These 2 are so adorable!

Family Picture

Grandma and Grandpa wanted a picture with all their babies. 

Annual Picture of the kids waiting to run out the front door.

And, they are off!

The big kids' egg hunt was inside. It was SO hot outside that we decided to be lazy and just throw everything in the middle of the floor and let them race to find their eggs first. 

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