Friday, November 27, 2015


Every Thanksgiving, we come up with a couple fun crafts to do with all the kids (usually one that involves food and one that doesn't). This year, we made turkeys out of mason jars, whoppers, chocolate covered pretzels and construction paper. This was a hit for the messy factor and the yummy candy factor :)

The "non-food' craft was very simple and served 2 purposes. We painted clothespins for a fun game of Turkey Tag (each person has 3 clothespins attached somewhere to their clothing and the goal of the game is to be last person with any clothespins left still attached. In case your wondering, yes, this did cause skinned knees, busted lips and hurt feelings but I'm still calling it a win! :) ). We also used these clothespins to hold our place cards that were printed from online and names written in by 3 of the girls.

Morgan and Sydney are becoming quite the musicians and love to play and sing together. So, on a lazy day like today, it's the perfect time to play and sing with cousins :)

And, by the end of the day, everyone was exhausted, so we watched a favorite... FROZEN! Such a fun day with family and relaxing and yummy food!

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