Friday, May 4, 2012

Foster Care Awareness Month

Although my family is not a Foster or Adoptive family, it is very dear to my heart. I have several cousins that have been adopted domestically and internationally. Growing up, it was always part of my life. I love adoption and I love how God has used this to bless so many families in so many ways. I also have watched friends walk this journey and have been so awe struck by the process.
Jessica is one of those friends who has invited me along for the amazing adventure. I have been so fortunate to have a friend who allowed me to be part of the details that many adoptive parents  think "non-adoptive" families don't want to know about or think they will not understand. She has allowed me to cry and laugh with her and to know about the paperwork and fingerprints. Even when I didn't understand, she was patient enough to explain.
I am a doula and am extremely passionate about bringing children into this world. Jessica has allowed me to witness a different form of this by allowing me to walk beside her bringing her children into her family. The gift of adoption truly is like watching a mother give birth.
You see her go through the waiting and waiting of "paper pregnancy" (a much longer gestation period).
You see her read book after book to prepare for the arrival of the new life.
You see her go through the pains of labor as she does visit after visit and has to continually leave her child behind.
You see her overcome with the relief of birth as the judge finally says, "He/She is yours."
And, you see her struggle through the postpartum blues as the reality and hardness of motherhood settles in.
It's a hard journey and not one intended to walk alone. I have been more than blessed to walk this journey with Jessica. I love her and her children. I love that I am "Aunt Cassie".
I love the beauty of adoption and the example it is of how God had adopted each of us.

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Davis said...

Adoption is a truly wonderful thing. Giving a child a loving family and a loving family a child. It can definitely come with it's share of complications and even heart break. Congratulations to Jessica.