Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sydney's 10th Birthday

Last month, my Sydney turned 10 years old. In my family, that means a "real" party (more than just the 20 family members and the option to "go" somewhere). I saw an eversave a couple months back for Rebounderz (an indoor trampoline house) for a birthday party package half off and asked Sydney if she wanted to go that route. Of course my active girl said "YES!". So, we headed to Rebounderz the Saturday before her birthday. We had a lot of fun and everyone (including the adult jumpers) was exhausted!

This was the year of football for Sydney. She has discovered her love for the game and got lots of good stuff in the football category. She also got a huge teddy bear from her sisters and some other fun gifts.

We followed suit with the 10th birthday tradition and had a weekend away just mommy/Sydney. However, this time, she had the bonus of her cousin/aunt joining. Her cousin is turning 9 in a couple months and is in public school. Because my weekend away involves having the "talk" and her cousin has been faced with this subject at school already, she came along. We started at separate hotels so that we could have some privacy with our daughters, but quickly realized that was just silly. Those girls wanted to do everything together and actually made talking about stuff easier when they were together.

They are both easily bored and I think they were both happy to have a friend along to do all the fun stuff with. Cory was able to hook us up with some passes to Old Town, Arabian Nights and IFly (for Sydney and I). We had a fun-filled and question filled weekend. I knew that Sydney was going to have WAY more questions than her older sisters for this weekend and she did not disappoint. We really did have a fun time and it was bitter/sweet to me that this was my last 10th birthday away with mommy. Now, I just am going to have to find other reasons to go away with my girls for the weekend: )

We always have 1 fancy dinner out. Here we are ready for our date out!

The next day, we headed to Old Town and did some rock climbing, zip lines, carnival rides. It was a fun day!

We ended the night at Arabian Nights. Decent food and a very impressive show.


debicarnefix said...

Only the last 2 pics appear in the post. I'd love to see them all.

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