Monday, December 12, 2011

Decorating the Tree

Last week we picked out our Christmas tree and decorated. Cory was able to take a day off and we spent one complete afternoon doing the decorating tradition. In our family, you just can't decorate a tree without junk food sitting around to pick at all afternoon. We had fun and it sure does get easier to do this kind of thing as our kids get older. I don't have to stress about the ornaments breaking or stepping on lights or being electricuted. I also have given up control and just let my kids do most of the lighting and hanging of ornaments. It may not be perfect but they have so much more fun!

There was a little bit of a war between Cory and Sydney this year... apparently they both thought "their" ornament should be the highest on the tree. Guess who won? I'll give you a hint... the taller one :) As you can see, my kids can hardly wait for Christmas time. Before we even had a tree, all those presents you see were already wrapped and tagged. And, those are just the ones that they have bought. I love to see them get excited about what they want to give instead of what they want to get.
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Jen said...

Love you guys "junk food and decorate tradition!" The pic of you and Jordan is so cute!