Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Couple Updates

Well, school decisions have been made and my kids are officially registered for next with the same school that they have been with. I am very relieved to have this one piece of "unsureness" settled.

My pastor's last Sunday was this past week. It was sad to him end his 20 year ministry at my church. It is difficult to imagine what our congregation will be without him. I am excited and happy for this new adventure in his life and I am slightly anxious about the new adventure in our church. I am excited to see how God will take this hard time and bring something beautiful from it.

House stuff... Well, still waiting. I have gone back and forth with this mortgage company for about 2 years now and it's always the same... waiting. I hate waiting. I really do. I am ready for this to be finalized and done and to know what our life will look like.

I am currently overrun with cookies, yes, cookies. I am a girl scout leader to 27 girls and it is cookie time around here. By the end of it all, our troop will have sold approximately 3500 boxes of cookies!! And, by the way, they all started at my house before being distributed out. What does that mean? O, just that I have not had a living room for a couple weeks :) It's fun, it's crazy, it's cookie time!!

Still plugging away at Doula stuff. I am looking forward to my first official appt. this Saturday. I am also scheduled to attend a training seminar the 1st weekend of March! Looking forward to have the training behind the passion.

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